The Best Dog Food Ingredients + Knowledge & Care = The Best Wet Dog Food

It’s a simple equation, but it’s one that works.

Unlike other pet food brands, we don’t sacrifice any part of your dog’s diet, starting from our supply chain all the way through to the fresh clean, real-food smell you get when you crack open a meal for your tail-wagging companion.

We keep the number of ingredients in each can to a minimum, completely avoiding gluten, grains, potatoes, and legumes. And, we work only with suppliers we can personally visit, audit, and approve for good manufacturing processes, high-standards, business vision, and innovation.

Click on any of our dog food flavors below to read about their straightforward ingredients, nutritional information, and more.

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Real Food Made in Small Batches

While many companies settle for supply partners simply because of cost or ease of use, we take an all-around approach, creating partnerships based on trust and quality. This allows us to pass significant savings on to you, and significant benefits on to your dog.

The results of this careful process speak for themselves. This is real food, made in small batches, crafted with the best interests of your dog at heart. Our high quality dog food rich in nutrients, packed full of protein, low in carbohydrates, full of moisture & understanding of dietary restrictions and sensitivities. We're honestly the best wet food for dogs.



Identity is the best food for dogs. When you open a can of Identity dog food, you’ll know you’ve made the right choice. This is what good quality dog food is supposed to be. And with this quality essential meal, you’ll feel at ease, knowing your special friend is enjoying the same high-level sourcing and production you would expect for yourself.