A. It is simply economically unfeasible online to ship customized sample packs or individual cans. Shipping is very expensive for just a few cans. We have developed the sample packs we have because they are the most economical method to ship individual recipes and this format is cheaper than if we were to offer a customized offering, even if you don't use some cans.

Please find our store locator at: https://www.identitypet.com/pages/store-locator

You can purchase our products individually at retail.

We work to add new retailers everyday.

If we aren't yet available at a store near you, please send us the nearest neighborhood independent pet stores that you would like us to contact regarding stocking identity in their store. We also ask that the next time you're at your local neighborhood retailer that you request they carry us - they often rely on consumers asking for products like ours to fully stock the line.

A. Our canned products are cooked in the can. Canning is a natural preservation process. Our gently cooked diets are kettle cooked and then flash frozen. Freezing is the preservation method of these fresh diets.

A. Our as fed calcium ranges between .31%-.33% depending on the recipe & as fed phosphorous ranges between .22%-.24% depending on the recipe. You can find our full detailed nutrient analysis at https://www.identitypet.box.com/detailednutrition. More detailed information can be found on individual product pages.

A. The liver in Identity canned dog and cat food is protein specific. For example, Turkey has Turkey liver so on and so forth.

A. At Identity, we are proud to offer the finest quality wet foods in BPA-free cans. Our 3 oz, 5.5 oz, 6 oz & 13 oz cans are BPA-free. We also use BPA-free lids. 

A. We promote rotation at Identity. However, you do not have to rotate diets if you choose. What will happen if I do not want to rotate my dog’s diet? Probably nothing. Many pets have eaten the same diets for 10 years or more without developing sensitivity to the protein.

A. We provide a listing of all macro & micro nutrients on each product page and it can also be found at https://www.identitypet.box.com/detailednutrition. We can also provide this information upon request to customercare@identitypet.com.

A. We periodically email coupons if you subscribe to our eNewsletter. Coupons are also commonly available from our authorized retailers.