The Best Canned Cat Food Out There.

The Best Wet Cat Food for Your Pet's Health - And for Their Taste Buds


Cats can be picky, finicky creatures full of character and personality, each having their own unique quirks and charms. But at least one trait connects them all – they really do love their meat! And, they know real quality when you crack open that can of soft cat food.

In striving to develop and bring you the best cat food possible, we took that simple idea forward. Each can of our premium cat food is packed with high quality ingredients including fresh, delicious, never frozen meat, poultry or fish proteins locally sourced from sustainable producers. This is the highest quality assortment of luxury small-batch clean-label cat foods available.

Explore our range of luxury-quality wet cat foods below. And discover what real cat food should be.


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From Farm to Bowl, With Nothing In Between.

No Fillers

Crafting the best canned cat food around means taking the care and effort to make sure that every can is full of all of the right ingredients, and nothing else. While that sounds straightforward enough, it’s anything but the norm.

Many manufacturers use fillers to bulk out their cat food and boost their profits. Corn, grain by-products, and other unnecessary ingredients can often be found in low quality cat food. Yikes!


Unlike those manufacturers, we won’t use fillers. It goes against our principles and messes with our identity! Instead we use rich, un-rendered meat, poultry, and fish. And the wet cat food that results is high in real proteins, very low in carbohydrates, and incredibly delicious. We know; we’ve done our own taste tests. (Really!)

Good quality meat comes with a high moisture content, an important source of hydration for your cat. And this moisture, without those unnecessary carbs, could also help prevent your cat from developing urinary tract blockages and other serious illnesses.


Avoiding all those extra ingredients also means this highly nutritious cat food is gluten-free, grain-free, and potato-free. And it lacks the guar, xanthan, and cassia gums found in many lower quality cat foods.

From the transparency of our sources and ingredients to the pleasures of quality food, your cat will get the protein it needs and wants. And you’ll have peace of mind knowing everything in the food is there for the absolutely right reasons.