Our CEO Jeremy Petersen Appears on the Spawdcast Podcast

I had the pleasure of spending 2 weeks in early Feb. 2020 visiting independent pet stores throughout California with my brother, Trevar. To end our trip, on Valentine’s Day, I had the privilege of being invited as a guest on my first podcast, The Spawdcast with Carrie & Brittany from The Spaw in Tustin, CA. I didn’t know what to expect going in & was a little nervous but we had a really fun few hours talking all about pet food, formulation & labeling. I love talking about pet food. It was a fun challenge trying to breakdown everything that goes into pet food labeling/formulation in an off-the-cuff manner, without any visual examples, while still making sure we simplified what can be confusing concepts to help pet owners understand a little bit more to demystify pet food. Thanks Carrie & Brittany for the opportunity! You’re putting together an awesome platform to educate & distribute knowledge! Happy listening!
*One correction for listeners. You can assume 8% ash for dry dog food & 2% ash is usually assumed for canned dog food in the equation example used. I primarily deal with wet pet foods nowadays, so cans must’ve been on my mind while we were recording & I accidentally used the can figure in the example. It still shows the listener how carb heavy dry can be though.
- Jeremy J. Petersen
Founder, President & CEO