What to Look for in High-Quality Dog Food

If you are looking for high-quality dog food that is free of legumes, potatoes, peas, and grain-free, you may be wondering what makes one dog food better than another. High-meat dog food can provide your pup with the nutrition they need while avoiding unnecessary fillers. Let’s take a look at what you should be looking for when searching for the best dog foods.

High Meat Content
Most commercial pet foods contain high levels of carbs in the form of grains or starches such as corn, wheat or soy. However, these are not necessary components of a healthy diet for dogs. Dogs require higher levels of animal protein, so choose a product that has at least 25% protein (on a dry matter basis) from high-quality sources like chicken, turkey, beef, pork, rabbit, lamb, quail, bison or salmon.

No Legumes or Potatoes
Legumes and potatoes are known to cause digestive distress in some canines due to their lowered digestibility compared to other sources of protein. Such ingredients should be avoided to ensure optimal digestion. Additionally, many legumes and potatoes contain anti-nutrients which can interfere with nutrient absorption.

Grain Free
Grains are an often overlooked source of carbohydrates in pet diets but they can also cause digestive issues in some animals and interfere with digestion and absorption of essential nutrients. Therefore grain-free products should be chosen whenever possible to ensure optimal health benefits from your pup’s diet.

Gently Cooked
The way your pup's food is cooked can have a dramatic effect on its nutritional value. Heat treatment destroys essential vitamins and minerals so it's important to choose food that is gently cooked using low temperatures (around 180 degrees or less Fahrenheit) to preserve nutritional integrity without compromising safety standards.

Choosing the right dog food is an important decision for any pet owner who wants their furry friend to stay healthy and happy for years to come! Be sure to look for products that are high in meat content, free from legumes, potatoes, peas, soy and grains, and gently cooked so as not to compromise on nutritional value. With these tips in mind you'll be well on your way towards finding the perfect meal for your beloved canine companion!