"Just wanted to drop a note to say this food is the best
thing I have discovered in a long time and I am so thankful that
this company exists. I have been looking for a food that is free
of potential allergens and understudied ingredients while still
being appetizing - it's a lot harder than you would think! My one
cat has some mysterious food allergies that demand novel
proteins, and my other cat has had pancreatitis plus no matter
what i've tried she has always been an incredibly picky,
disinterested eater (while the one thing you really need to
convince your cat to do with pancreatitis is to keep eating).
Well here I bought all 3 different novel proteins and my
allergy-cat scarfs them down without any issue so far, and my
other cat for the first time in her life seems excited to eat her
wet food. I mean, she actually meows at me, demanding her food,
while I'm making dinner for the cats; she has literally never
done that before even for actual canned tuna or chicken. And then
she just eats it! I don't have to try to feed it to her with a
fork or any of the other nonsense I've been doing for *years*! So
anyway, just wanted to say I am so happy to have found this food.
It actually has changed my and my cats' lives."

- Alex E.