5 Reasons Why Wet Food is Better for Your Pet

Providing your pet with a balanced diet is a top priority for pet owners. A good diet can boost your pet’s mood, digestion, energy, and make for healthy skin and coats. A poor diet can lead to shedding, digestion problems, obesity, and even vomiting. But sometimes navigating the world of pet food can be overwhelming. There are just so many choices.

One major decision you will have to make when choosing your pet’s diet is the choice between canned food and kibble. In fact, most veterinarians agree that the choice is simple: wet food provides benefits that dry food does not.

Here are five reasons why wet food is the best choice for your pet.

  1. Higher in healthy proteins                                                                                                                           Because of how cans are prepared and stored, they can contain a lot more meat than dry food. In fact, canned food can provide a diet that is higher in meat, fish, or poultry protein which is essential for your pet’s health. When choosing pet food, you want to make sure that it is high in animal protein. Many popular and even so-called “healthy” brands of pet food are high in the wrong kind of protein: plant, grain, or legume protein. Dogs and cats are not built to eat food high in plant protein and carbohydrates. So, feeding your pet this kind of diet can tax your pet’s body since their organs have to work harder to derive the nutrients they need. A diet that’s high in animal protein, on the other hand, is a diet that closely resembles the food your pet would find in nature.
  2.  All about hydration                                                                                                                                         Hydration is every bit as important for your pet as it is for you. Canned food is an excellent way to get more water into your pet’s day, helping them meet their daily requirement for water intake. Water at mealtime is doubly important because it aids in your pet’s digestion and it helps the body absorb important nutrients.
  3. Less processing and preservatives
    In general, the more foods are exposed to heat, the more nutrients they lose. Most people are aware that the longer vegetables are cooked the less nutritious they are, but did you know that the same is true for meat? Meat loses valuable nutrients and vitamins the more it is cooked. In the cooking process, dry food is exposed to very high temperatures (over 212 degrees Fahrenheit), causing it to leach precious vitamins and nutrients. That’s why canned food is best: in the canning process your pet’s food is cooked in the can, a natural preservation process, which allows meat to cook in its own juices and cans are exposed to less heat in the cooking process. All this amounts to ingredients that retain more of the vital nutrients your pet needs. What’s more, in contrast to dry food, cans are air-tight which means that they don’t need to add synthetic preservatives.
  4. Easy on the teeth and gums
    Wet food won’t harm your pet’s teeth and gums. One persistent myth is that dry food helps clean your pet’s teeth. Not only does kibble NOT clean your pet’s teeth and gums, it can actually contribute to dental problems like cavities. Dog’s and cat’s teeth are designed for tearing flesh, not chewing kibble, so they often either swallow kibble whole or break it into pieces. Bits of kibble can get lodged between your pet’s teeth and decay, causing cavities. This is especially dangerous if your kibble is loaded with carbohydrates because when carbohydrates break down they turn into sugar, increasing your pet’s risk of cavities.
  5. Cans are convenient
    Cans are safe, easy to store, and easy to feed compared to raw pet foods. Identity cans keep for up to 3 years on the shelf. So, pop open a can and refrigerate the remaining portion for 3-5 days.

Identity Pet Food is canned in small batches at our micro-cannery, using only the freshest ingredients sourced from local farms (with no filler protein). So, you can be confident that you are feeding your pet the best: a diet that’s both delicious and nourishing. Grab a can today!