Quality Roots, Quality Sources

By purchasing our high-quality cat food and dog food, you are supporting a 100% US-owned family business, based in Denver, CO. Jeremy and Trevar Petersen are third-generation pet industry experts with a passion for innovating new products and disrupting the traditional practices of the pet food industry – all in the name of bringing the tastiest, most nutritious foods to your 4-legged companions.

Excellence and Sustainability

Real Food Made in Small Batches

Unlike so many canned dog or cat foods, with Identity you can trust the origins of every part of your pet’s meal. The founders’ devotion to excellence and sustainability has led them to develop the first widely available canned pet food where every single ingredient meets the highest standards for sourcing and quality. All of our meat is sourced from properly regulated, reputable farms & ranches in Canada, the United States and New Zealand -not shipped from unnamed countries or pre-processed in locations where we aren’t able to ensure the quality of every ounce of protein packed into each can.

All of the meat, poultry and fish proteins in our foods are responsibly-raised, free-range, grass-fed, and hormone and antibiotic-free. Sourcing all of our proteins from directly across the border in Canada also allows us to guarantee you that they are always delivered to our manufacturing facility fresh, never frozen, on the day of production.