Out of Stock Update

We apologize for the recent out of stocks. We also apologize in advance for the length of this communication but there is important information we make sure to share in our commitment to transparency with our customers. 

Please understand that the recent out of stocks on 4 skus (which are very popular) is a perfect storm of manufacturing improvements which closed our manufacturer in December among other challenges explained below. When our manufacturing facility opened in January there was an unexpected breakdown on certain equipment that delayed production to February. This has wide ranging impact alone, delaying deliveries to us. 

We are also experiencing historic growth on these skus that are out of stock that exceeds 3000% in some circumstances as duck cat & chicken cat have become especially popular lately. As one of the fastest growing pet food companies in America this presents a unique challenge but we are investing heavily to meet demand. 

Nonetheless, with canned pet food capacity at a historic high, this also challenges production. We currently are placing POs 6 month in advance which can challenge forecasting when a sku sees unexpected growth. However, there is additional capacity coming online to alleviate this pressure but it will take until at least until year end to see improvement in capacity as manufacturing facilities are not built overnight. We also have future products planned which will provide more options. 

Additionally, we continue to encounter challenges with sourcing empty BPA free cans & lids - there is a significant backlog since COVID impacting the can market & recent ownership changes have not helped. Many manufacturers are switching to pouches or other formats because of this. We continue to explore this option but also understand our customers like the consistency of product & ease of use that a canned product produces; it’s important we keep this business as cans are infinitely recyclable among other advantages. 

Further, issues beyond our control like avian flu continue to challenge sourcing of certain proteins, especially poultry products. Rest assured we are working around the clock to make improvements on challenges within our control but there continues to be challenges beyond our control. 

It’s been very difficult on our business to see customer loss during these out of stocks & we have always worked hard to update our customers when there is a temporary out of stock & to help our customers find other products we make which benefit their pet. We continue to recommend customers consider keeping pantry stock on products if their pets rely on our foods. 

We also have several retailers nationwide which may still have these products in stock - a store locator can be found at identitypet.com/find & you can request a special order from any neighborhood pet retailer (except Petco & Petsmart) as we have nationwide distribution & this business generally lags our web business meaning they are still in stock. 

And the good news is our new fresh gently cooked products are all in good stock & we expect them to remain in good stock. These products are much easier to manufacture without complex sourcing challenges that exist in the can market. 

We also remain in very strong stock on most skus in our portfolio - we always recommend trying to find a few proteins for your pet within our wide assortment to protect against challenges like Avian Flu or sourcing issues that can exist on certain proteins beyond anyone’s control. 

If you are concerned about calcium & phosphorous levels, please also know that we have pet owners using all our proteins with great success for issues like kidney disease or urinary concerns because all our products are considered low in mineral content for a high meat diet. All our products are boneless which helps accomplish this. We suspect the growth of duck cat is from pet parents seeking out the lowest calcium & phosphorus options in our portfolio. However, it’s important we remind you calcium & phosphorous are necessary for a dog & cat to maintain life - if you fed a diet without these essential nutrients your pet would not be able to sustain life & seeking out the diets which have the lowest amount simply to get as close to zero calcium or phosphorous is short sighted. Put another way, seeking a diet simply because it is the lowest phosphorous does not matter as much as balance does & all our diets are complete and balanced with low levels that can help address your concerns - any of our diets will feed almost identical to a diet like duck since all our diets are considered low in mineral content for a high meat diet. All our fresh frozen diets have lower levels of calcium & phosphorus than our canned products as an alternative as well. 

The good news is we have a lot of chicken cat coming back in stock in the next few weeks. We expect to pickup this product & more next week.

Duck cat will be back in stock in May & we are increasing production tentatively on this sku - however, if we lose customers we will be forced to potentially scale back production to manage resources efficiently. 

We hope you can understand these challenges we are working through around the clock to remain a valued identity customer. 

We continue to be available to help address any questions or concerns you have at customercare@identitypet.com

We value transparency which is why we update on inventory & challenges around inventory unlike most pet food companies. 

Below you will find an update on out of stocks, including notice that if you have a subscription & one item is out of stock, that prevents the entire order from processing. However, if you contact us we can help process your order for the skus in stock while rescheduling the out of stock item to a later date. Alternatively, if you change the date of the out of stock item in your subscription, your other items will charge as long as the out of stock items are not included in the subscription on the date of charge. 

Hopefully this help’s provide clarity & assurance that identity is working tremendously hard to minimize out of stocks in the future. This is our first out of stock situation in 3 years & as mentioned we are in good stock on almost all skus that are currently in stock & we continue to increase production on the out of stock skus because we understand how important it is for you as a pet parent to have supply certainty. 

We invest in inventory at levels that most pet food companies do not (we can do so as a family owned company who doesn’t have to produce certain financial results for a board; most investor backed companies keep inventory tight because of this or have discontinued difficult to procure skus like bison, rabbit & quail because they didn’t want to work through these challenged or invest in higher order minimums that are typical for novel proteins). 

We are confident we will be able to rectify this situation by managing the challenges within our control to minimize the impact of future out of stocks very soon. 

Nonetheless, please understand many circumstances remain beyond our control too but hopefully this communication helps you understand those unique challenges. 

We appreciate the words of encouragement we have received from many customers but we’ve also received a lot of demeaning communications from upset consumers who have been impacted or negative reviews - we certainly understand the frustration (we are frustrated too) but please also understand that threatening our staff or acting in an unprofessional manner cannot change a difficult situation & we ask you remain committed to identity for the next few weeks while we work through this.

Below is further communication on this we have sent previously in the past 2 weeks. 

Sincerest Regards,

Jeremy J. Petersen

Founder, President & CEO

Previous update:

Our promise to our customers is to keep you updated when there are inventory challenges or potential disruptions. Accordingly, we are sending this update to all our customers. 

This email is to let you know that we are temporarily out of stock of the following item(s):

1. identity 95% Chicken Cat Food

2. identity 95% Bison Cat Food 

3. identity 80% Rabbit Dog Food


Additionally, we do expect to run short of 95% Duck Cat Food in the next couple of weeks but this product is on the production schedule for early May so if we do run short it will be back in stock in mid-May. This is a very popular product which is the reason for potential disruption. 

If you have an auto-ship & save subscription this is preventing other items in your subscription from shipping that are in stock, if there are other items on your subscription. 


Please read below on how we can ship those items even though these items are out of stock. You can also always contact us at customercare@identitypet.com with any questions or for help with your subscription. 


We are hoping these products listed above will be in stock in April. We have a scheduled production release date on our 95% Chicken Cat Food of April 15, subject to delays that may result from quality assurance testing. We are working to get our bison cat food & rabbit cat food back in stock ASAP. 


These are very popular products that have unfortunately been impacted by a perfect storm of fast growth & high demand for our products and our manufacturer shutting down for 30 days over Christmas which extended through the end of January for facility improvements that has caused manufacturing delays. Unfortunately, in today's environment shortages are a possibility with a shortage of cans, manufacturing equipment can break down causing delays and causes like avian flu can cause delays on items like chicken. We do always recommend trying to find multiple recipes for your pet in the case of a disruption on one recipe, you can feed another recipe temporarily. 


If you have other items on your subscription that normally ship with these out of stock items, that shipment will not process. If one item is out of stock, our auto-ship system prevents the entire order from shipping. However, please let us know and we can manually process those items that are in stock so they are sent to you while we wait for the out of stock items to arrive back in stock. We can also help replace the out of stock items with another product recipe too. 


You can also update your subscription at this link: https://www.identitypet.com/tools/recurring/get-subscription-access?passwordless=true


We appreciate your understanding & apologize for any inconvenience this might cause. We are working very diligently to get all items back in stock ASAP. Please know that this impacts us drastically as a company when we lose sales. We probably hate out of stocks more than you because of its impact on our business. This is why we invest heavily in inventory; yet demand has been very strong for our products to begin 2024, exceeding very aggressive projections. Combined with manufacturing shutdowns & supply challenges with empty cans it has been a perfect storm. We always recommend keeping some pantry stock of our items because manufacturing shutdowns occur when machinery breaks and sometimes they can last 60 days.


The good news is we are working on a plan to be back in stock of all these items within 30-60 days, depending on the product, hopefully much sooner & we will then have very strong stock when the items arrive back in stock. 


Please let us know if you have any questions. 


Nothing herein is to be construed as veterinary advice. We always recommend consulting your vet when determining the suitability of any pet food. We have pet owners who tell us they are using all our diets with success for health issues such as kidney disease, urinary concerns, digestive upset, IBD, diabetes, obesity, thyroid issues, sensitivities, etc. However, we are not allowed to make implied or explicit drug claims as per FDA regulations, so we always suggest consulting with your vet when determining the suitability of our diets.